The right to be well attended.

Iurispherae is the professional firm that aims at changing the traditional structure of law firms, by putting the client, first and foremost, at the centre of the organization. Any law firm should exhibit traditional values ​​of accuracy, strength, efficiency in business advising, in solving your cases and managing their performance, but our firm also attempts the client-counsellor relationship to be truly personal and customized, kind, accessible and genuine. Our team of professionals are always available to serve our clients honestly and transparently, with entire commitment, thoroughness and the undivided attention to details every case deserves.

Through a previous comprehensive analysis of any individual concern, we, in Iurispherae, are always committed to devote our best professional capacity to the sole effect of solving every issue, satisfying  most of our clients expectations and responding to their trust.

We provide a multilingual customer service as well as the full availability of all means at our disposal to solve international cases. The advisers, in Iurispherae, aim to help our clients at facing the disarray spawned by the ever changing legal framework in which we are immersed, both nationally and at European levels, thus improving their lives and absolving the burden of bureaucracy in order to make possible the client devote himself exclusively to the business and solving their cases also.


Iurispherae S.L.P.  – Sociedad 1.001 ICAB – C/ Tarragona 157, planta 4, C.P. 08014 – Barcelona.